MINISTRY DIRECTOR: Pastor Daulton Morock

Our vision is to strengthen marriages at Church on the Rock, in our community, and throughout the State of Alaska. We believe marriage is designed to be a picture of Gods love for mankind.  Each spouse is created to glorify God in everything they say and do.  When that happens the Gospel is proclaimed and marriages are exciting, joyous places to be.  Children born into and raised in a God honoring home will change the world.  To help parents create these kinds of families, Church on the Rock provides the following marriage helps.


Marriage For A Lifetime is our pre-marital coaching curriculum which is just for couples who are currently engaged and planning their lives together.  Each couple is provided with materials and a coach couple to help them ensure a marriage that lasts and thrives for a lifetime.


COTR has resources designed to strengthen your marriage, deepen your relationship with your spouse and reconcile broken relationships. These include

  • Marriage Home groups: Couples gathering together to strengthen their marriages.  DVD curriculum, workbooks and a healthy community all contribute to lots of life and fun in these groups.  Typically groups run from Sept through May.  Contact the church office for specific dates and availability.
  • Marriage Coaching: We utilize the Life In Motion Resources Inventory (LIMRI) to help coach and mentor married couples in how to better love and care for each other. This is an opportunity to be a part of your marriage growth by coming under the guidance of another couple and be very proactive in the daily life of your own marriage.
  • Marriage Crisis Help: A structured process to help couples navigate through crisis times in marriage when trust has been broken.  This is not counseling but rather a time of care and help.  Often couples will be asked to engage a Family Therapist to ensure success.